IO1 – National Adaptation Plan

The National Adaptation Plan will be a guideline for schools, youth workers and educators on how to implement the Kite Fighters Toolkit in light of local/national circumstances, considering specific curricula and school environments. It will be based on a research on existing good practices, national school curriculums, and local challenges.


IO2 – KITE Fighter toolkit

The KITE Fighters Toolkit will be a collection of best practices with the aim of training trainers to provide teachers with creative methods. It will include innovative practices based on methods like Symbolwork, Digital Storytelling and Folk Tales.
The Toolkit will be available in English, Italian, German, Greek and Hungarian.


IO3 – Teacher Training Curriculum

We will develop a 30 – hours teachers training course to empower them to use the tools contained in the Toolkit. The 30 hours will be divided into 10 modules, that can be used for different methods and target groups.


Storytelling and Digital Storytelling

Storytelling is a process that combines facts and narrative in order to communicate a message and an emotion to a target audience. In particular, Digital Storytelling is an interactive tool to present personal stories using short videos. Its use can be fundamental in different educational and learning contexts.



Symbol work is an innovative methodology that offers young people an additional language, making it easier to express personal feelings and thoughts. It is based upon the Jungian sandplay used in play therapy with children and adults. Symbol work is widely used to facilitate more pro-social behaviour.


Folk tales

Folk tales represent an important learning tool. They give the opportunity to learn about different cultural interpretations of common human concerns and necessities. Through folk tales reading, we discover that there are different ways of thinking and observing reality.

Best practices