The Kitefighters

Who Are They?

The word “KITE” is generally associated with the English word and meaning referring to the “flying kite”.

However, in our project KITE is used as an acronym which stands for “Kids and Teachers = KITE” as recipients and direct beneficiaries of the Erasmus+ KA2 KITE project.

Nowadays, schools and teachers have a very important role in both tackling the challenges of social background as well as tackling the everyday phenomenon of bullying within school. That’s why both kids and teachers will work on how to raise awareness about bullying and social exclusion, fighting together. 

Our logo is a flying kite… That’s why we made clear reference to it, as a symbol of freedom and success, but also improvement that comes from the combined efforts of teachers in giving opportunity and dignity to the most disadvantaged young people.

To reach this aim we would like to build upon and develop some best practice-methods which increase resilience and self-reflection into peer-assisted tools which both groups (kids and teacher) can use within their groups and also teachers to support youngsters. The three core methods are symbolwork, storytelling and folk tales work, through which young people and teachers can present and understand their own representation of the world and communicate it to the others.

The Kite Fighters weapons:

A National Adaptation Plan

– Available soon –

Teacher training curriculum

And 30-hours teacher training course

– Available soon –